Distant Dream 馃幍 (28.01.2023 Warszawa)

Distant Dream

Concert Date: 28 January 2023
Location: Klub Potok, Warszawa

Distant Dream on stage

After our hiking trip in the mountains, I stopped on the way from Krak贸w to Gda艅sk in Warszawa to see a couple of concerts and cheer on my fellow teammates in a Warszawa Liga Ultimate competition. On the Saturday night I went to see a band I had learned about in the last 6 months called Distant Dream. They are actually from Gda艅sk, though I have not yet seen or heard of any shows in the trojmiasto. Maybe in the near future. They play post-rock/post-metal as a genre, focused mostly on hard riffing guitars rather than using any keyboards.

Before I talk more about them, though there were 2 groups that played before them: Walk Among Statues first and then Metafox. All three bands are Polish, with Walk Among Statues being from Wroc艂aw and Metafox from Siedlce.

Walk Among Statues were enjoyable live and enjoyed the bass playing quite a bit. The music was good without standing out for the post-rock genre. One thing that I found interesting about them is that they never really stopped between pieces. Maybe this is because they had a short amount of time and just tried to play through. Nothing at all problematic or unpleasant about it, but I thought it was interesting to note.

Walk Among Statutes

I had not know of Metafox before this concert, but I had taken the time to listen to their Immobilize album before the concert and found that I really enjoyed the diversity of the sounds that they put into the music. Although they were enjoyable on the stage and the bass player was obviously having a lit of fun dancing around in his socks, I didn’t quite feel the diversity of sound that I did on the album. For instance, the lead guitarist did a lot of touch tapping, but you could only occasionally hear it well. Not a great disappointment, but too bad in any case. These guys had some great technical skill and reflected that it the instrument choices, both guitarists used 8 string guitars for their main axes and the bass guitar was a six string headless beast.

This band played to music that was the most listenable on stage for the evening, despite not being as diverse sounding as I hoped they would be. I would definitely see them again live.

Metafox on stage

I discovered Distant Dream via recommendations in Apple’s Music app when I was listening to a bit of Tides From Nebula. Although they play in the same genre of music, they definitely do not have the same approach. As I mentioned, they rely heavily upon the guitars and creating a large wall of sound, using mostly the drums and bass to create some rhythm. Very head-bangy when live.

I love to listen to their studio albums and will keep doing so, but we’ll see if I decide to go see them live again. But they do put on a great show and had a nice clean distraction-free stage, giving them space to move around freely and interact amonst each other.