Finished reading: Grace: President Obama and Ten Days in the Battle for America by Cody Keenan 📚I actually finished this book in mid-November, but I am just posting now. I also have to say that I might be a little biased, since Cody is my cousin, but this book was soooo good.

I don’t read too much non-fiction usually, since I find it slow reading for me and I get a little impatient. This book was a great story though despite being non-fiction.

This tells the story of 10 days during the Obama administration with several significant events coming to a head. The story builds will many asides taking us back to significant events in the past that tie into the current story.

I laughed out loud and cried and chastised my cousin for being too hard on himself! But mostly, I just loved a great telling of meaningful events and people working to make the world.