Tides From Nebula 🎵 (11.11.2022 Gdansk)

Tides From Nebula

Concert Date: 11 November 2022
Location: B90 Klub (in Stocznia), Gdańsk

This is either the 3rd or 4th time that I have seen Tides From Nebula play live. The first time was at the anniversary concert of Klub Progresja in Warsaw probably about 6 or 7 years ago. From the first time that I saw these guys play live I have been mesmerized by the live shows. It was a little harder for me to get into the post-rock genre just listening to the albums, but I eventually found that I really enjoy that as well, but (as with most music, at least for me) the real pleasure is a live show.

This show had 2 “bands” playing before them. I put that in quotes, because the first was a solo act playing keyboards and trying to sound like a group. He goes by the name Wishlake. The music was pleasant, but had no real interest for me, so I don’t remember muh about it.

The second group however, Yantra was quite interesting with a mix of progish/post-rock sound, but a good addition that was nice. I wasn’t able to grasp much of the lyrics (in English) at the concert, but the mix of the vocals and the singer’s stage presence were engaging.

IMG 2828

The main show was, of course, Tides From Nebula. Post-rock is a very specific genre and if you don’t enjoy the sound well, there is nothing to say. But these guys are a great mix together, on the drums Tomasz Stołowski, the bass Przemek Węgłowski and on guitar, Maciej Karbowski. Tomasz is very energetic on the drums putting out some great rhythms throughout the set. Both Przymek and Maciej also perform on the keyboards and sample themselves into loops to create the waves of sound that make up the music.

IMG 2834

It was also just a lot of fun to see a band really enjoying being up on the stage and interacting with the audience in a fun and enthusiastic way. They really looked out and smiled and waved at people. In general, I really had a great time listening to these guys play. It really is amusic that creates a double feeling of complexity and yet is danceable.